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Thursday, February 2, 2012

40 Things to Teach Your Child

Dennis & Barbara Rainey of Family Life Ministries have created this list of 40 things they want to teach their children.  I think it's pretty neat.  How about you? 

They say, after #1 -- all the rest are not in order of importance.  But they are great thoughts!

1.  Above all, fear God.

Respect authority—trust and obey your parents.

The importance of friendships.

Be in love with Christ and focus on your relationship with Him, not just on doctrine or on biblical principles.

Have compassion for the poor and orphans.

Believe God for too much rather than too little.

Real strength is found in serving, not in being served.

The power of moral purity and a clean conscience.

How to motivate people without manipulating them.

How to handle failure.

Keep your promises.

The power of the tongue for good or evil.

Give too much rather than too little.

The importance of manners and common courtesies.

View life through God’s agenda—the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

Give thanks to God in all things.

The importance of prayer.

The art of asking good questions, carrying on good conversation.

How to grow as a Christian.

How to handle temptation.

By faith, trust Christ as your Savior and Lord, and share with others how to become a Christian.

Seeking wisdom—skill in everyday living. Knowing how to make good decisions.

Gaining a sense of God’s direction and destiny for your life.

Stay teachable and not becoming cynical.

Obtain godly counsel.

The importance of flexibility and adaptability to cope in life.

Truth is best passed on through relationships.

Leave a legacy of holiness.

Keep life manageable. Prioritize decisions.

Tame selfishness—you can’t always get your way.

Choices are yours to make and results are yours to experience.

Respect the dignity of another person and of all people.

Be faithful in the little things.

Character is the basis of all leadership.

Life isn’t fair—don’t compare with or be jealous of others.

Live by commitments, not by feelings.

Express grace and forgiveness.

A strong work ethic.

Surrender to the authority of Christ.

How to handle your finances.

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