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Monday, February 18, 2013

Interesting Thoughts from the Family Research Council!

Keeping the Family Intact Has a Profound Impact on Children's Welfare

As Governmental proposals to increase Preschool programs looms on the horizon, studies continue to show that a lack of education isn't the only thing that can shadow children for the rest of their lives.

While academics are important, they're no substitute for a married mother and father when it comes to predicting future success.

The Family Research Council's  Dr. Henry Potrykus makes a compelling case for focusing on a different kind of homework--maintaining stable families.

According to Dr. Potrykus,  expensive and intrusive government programs  may have less influence on a child's well-being than an institution that costs taxpayers nothing: a married mom and dad. In his latest paper, U.S. Social Policy Dependence on the Family, he explains that family intactness "is roughly as important as high school education and more important than college education in influencing outcomes of public policy interest."

The  chart included in his study says it all. In the columns where the colored area is darker blue, family intactness has a proportionately greater influence in magnitude than the education variable.

During the GOP debates, Sen. Rick Santorum was criticized for suggesting that the family would be a more powerful and permanent solution to our nation's problems of poverty and crime than any entitlement Washington could concoct. 

The Wall Street Journal ran an interesting OpEd regarding President Obama's proposal to expand Preschool.
The Wall Street Journal points out, "If the regular public schools aren't working... does it make sense to layer on another defective education level?

Perhaps it would be better for the American people to turn toward HOME and not the government to enhance their children's well-being and success in the future.