Maybe it was in the 70s....maybe even earlier.  Our culture started shifting away from disciplining and guiding our children to praising and  accommodating them. Children became the center of family life:  little darlings who need reinforcement and praise and rewards and esteem. 

Somehow, we lost track of the fact, to love a child is to discipline, guide and teach them to live their lives for God.  Just like cattle who wander into the highway when a fence is missing, our children are wandering into dangerous places and pull us, the unwitting parents, with them. 

Lack of structure and boundaries  can also cause children to be skeptical of  Christianity. Kids become self-centered and cannot connect with the concept of self-sacrifice and love.  They are objects of worship by their parents. 

Children should learn love includes boundaries and guidelines - rules which, when broken, have consequences.  Consequences are not comfortable.  Parents can let their children feel uncomfortable at times.  This is a great way to help them grow. 

 Parents: love God, love your spouse, and in love, prepare your children for the dangerous world that is waiting for them.  The self-serving idolatry of living for your children will ultimately destroy your marriage and your children.  Do not live for your children. Live for God!