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Friday, June 20, 2014

John Chapter 2 -- Creating a NEW YOU!

-- Hold on to your hats, girls ! God's got great, glorious, grungy, 
growing, gripping, goal-filled things in store for YOU!
Happy Friday -- I'm behind so let's read John 2. 
This has been quite a week. Someday, I will tell you........ 

John is an account of a few events in Jesus ministry. Read John 2.

John 2 tells about Jesus’ first miracle,  turning water into wine at a wedding.

Why does he do this? Hmmm....was Jesus a "party animal" ? Was He in to good wines? OR Is there something more the Word is saying to us here?

First of all, before you get all bent out of shape, when Jesus says, "Woman" in John 2:4,  this is not a sign of disrespect: The Greek word  for Woman does not denote any disrespect. Nuff said.

Why water into wine?

I tried to figure this out last night, but it was after work so my brain was fried.  I’ve looked at a commentary and here is what the smart people said: This account symbolizes how Jesus makes things NEW and DIFFERENT.

When we accept Christ, we are NEW and DIFFERENT.  Changing water to wine is creating a whole NEW drink.

The water to wine transformation also filled a NEED of the wedding party.  Wine  was needed at wedding celebrations.  This party had run out of drink.  Jesus saw the need and helped his mother, Mary, out.

Jesus sees our needs and fills them.

In this case, Jesus' mom needed wine for the party.  Jesus filled the need.

Jesus later in the Bible says you can't put new wine into old wineskins.  That’s a good thought.   Once we've been changed, why do we insist on going back to those same old habits and hang-ups (old wine skins)?

Don't we understand we are NEW?

Water into Wine -- We are something different  when we place ourselves into the hands of Jesus.

YOU and I are NEW.  Let's start acting zesty and attractive and be the life of the party (without the alcohol, please!)


NEXT in John 2, we find Jesus in the Temple.  Jesus is very angry.

Long story short, Jesus does not like the hypocrisy of the temple leaders who are basically "users.” They plant themselves in the temple (church) just to reap the benefits of the association and the perks.

Jesus doesn’t like any form of hypocrisy.  He talks about this throughout the Gospels.

Hmmmmm -- lesson learned.

Jesus also predicts his death in John 2:

Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.”  -- John 2:19

The temple leaders don't get this, but we do.

After all, we know “the rest of the story.“  Jesus will die and live again in three days.

We serve a risen, living Savior who makes us new and fills our needs.  I am so grateful for that! 

Now move on to John 3 -- Enjoy your weekend!

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