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Friday, August 30, 2013

A Back-to-School Checklist from Faith Family Resource Center

“Come to me…all you who are weary…” - Matt 11:28

   Welcome back to school!  Do you feel tired already?

   Faith Family Resource Center  would like to give you the following back-to-school checklist, not to stress over, but to thoughtfully consider: 

1.  First and foremost, consider Matthew 11:28.  If you’re tired,  go to Jesus.  

Parents, we can’t give our children anything if we are used up inside.  Let’s face it, trying to tackle this world without God is tough.  Even the most stubborn of us have to admit, after a while we start feeling like a hamster on an exercise wheel: exhausted and going nowhere.  

Enter: Jesus.  The smiling, welcoming Savior invites us to let Him in.  Better yet, He tells us to let  Him help carry our burden.  So…rest in Jesus.  Give Him your life.  Your children will see you and learn to trust Jesus, too. 

2. Get some sleep!  Renowned psychologist Dr. Archibald D. Hart has explored the causes of sleep deprivation and notes lack of sleep can be central to relationship issues, education problems and even workplace woes. Sleep is important.  Be sure you keep a good sleep schedule.

3.  Don’t get overbooked.  Don’t sign your child up for everything with the frantic notion this will help them.  Children and parents need down time together.  Limit the extra activities.  

4.  Take time to talk to God.  Pray…and let your children catch you praying.  Pray with your children.  Help them see they are not alone in facing problems.

5.  Eat meals together as  a family.  This is becoming a lost  art, but dinner table conversation  and family time is good for the development and well being of your child.  

6.  Get involved in a Bible-based church.  This foundation gives a child roots and outward focus.  It creates friendships with mutual values and beliefs.  Faith can give your child roots and wings!

7. Be more God-centered than kid-centered.  You’ll never be able to give your child everything. You’ll never please your child all the time.  Do NOT create an over-indulged, selfish child by catering to his every need.  Let your children be disappointed every once in a while.  That will prepare them for life and teach them to go to God with their needs, not always their parents. 

8. Protect your marriage.  Are you focusing more on your kids than your spouse?  When you dedicate time to your marriage, you are training your children about healthy relationships.  

9. Schedule regular family meetings.  This is a great time to get together, compare schedules and review family experiences.   Kids can share problems and questions.  The family can work as a team to tackle them.

10.  Don’t expect kids to appreciate your sacrifices and your guidance.  Most  older parents at Faith can tell you - Their children had to grow up and have their own kids before they appreciated their parents. Don’t be discouraged.
We work for God’s approval, not our children’s nor our friends or co-workers. 

11. Make your kids work.  Children should have jobs.  Resist the urge to do things for them.  Make sure your kids have chores and hold them accountable.  

12.  REST.  Jesus said, “Be anxious for nothing.”  Give your life to Jesus and your cares to Him as well.  No - this will not always be easy -- but remind yourself that, in the eternal scheme of life, all that will really matter is that you loved God, your family and others.  Everything else will fall away.  

    We invite you to join us and REST in our cool sanctuary at Faith Baptist in Freeburg on Sunday!  We meet at 10:15 a.m.   Come as you are, bring the kids, and get this school year started off just right!  

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