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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Great Resource for Concerned Parents is the website: -- Check it out next time you are browsing the internet !  Learn how YOU can impact TV programming!  From time to time, we will share some of their information.  Feel free to check them out!  We can make a difference in the media and, in turn, make a difference in the culture!  

Laughing Pizza Earns PTC Seal of Approval! 

Teenagers love pop and rock music, and enjoy the excitement of concerts; and often, their younger siblings seek to emulate them. Sadly, much music acceptable for older teens is not appropriate for young children, and little music has been intended or recorded specifically for them…until now, with the band Laughing Pizza!

With happy, upbeat music, lyrics focused on promoting good messages for children, such as respecting parents, doing homework, or cleaning their room, Laughing Pizza draws in parents and younger children alike, giving them all the opportunity to share in enjoying rock-style concerts, dancing, and music in a family-friendly environment.

Now available on DVD or through video-on-demand (check local listings), Laughing Pizza Live! demonstrates the group’s family-friendly messages and delightful music, and has earned the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM! 

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