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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TV Viewers - Speak Out! Take a Stand Against Bad TV!

Most Popular Shows Are Family-Friendly  
A much heard mantra in the entertainment industry is that “Sex Sells;” and many in the industry feel similarly about profanity and explicit violence. As a result, the industry’s “creative” personnel put great stock in producing programming that is filled with “edgy” content.

But in fact, the vast majority of viewers are turned off by such shows. Last week, Washington Post TV critic Lisa de Moraes discussed the Top 10 most-watched TV shows of the 2011-12 season. All but two of the Top 10 were programs embraced by family audiences, and which are devoid of sex and profanity. Most also lack violent content; and even on those shows which do contain some, the violence is notably more restrained than on other action-based dramas. So much for the conventional wisdom in Hollywood that programs have to be filled with copious sex, foul language, and graphic violence in order to win viewers.

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