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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

American Family Association Creates New Movie!

Summer Snow is gaining momentum. 

Would you join us as we make the movie?

We would like to invite you into the movie making process of Summer Snow.  Our
intent with this movie is to
spread the good news of Jesus Christ!  

We have posted clips from the movie, media coverage and give you an insiders look.  
America is going to love this film and
being an AFA supporter you have made it possible!

How can you help?   Like our fan page on Facebook then forward this email and pray for us. Book a chuch event in the fall.

   Watch our video clips   

coffee.jpgEnjoy the same coffee we are drinking
to us by My Brothers Cup.
The profits go to missionaries and your

Dear Loyal Supporter,            
The American Family Association is proud to announce the making of
, a dramatic comedy that is a game changer for the Christian
film industry.  Shot on location in Lexington Kentucky, AFA has put
together an all-star crew that is striving to produce the highest film quality
in the industry.  We invite you to watch this sample clip of Summer Snow
which we are sure you will enjoy.   It is vital to our mission that
you forward this to your family and friends to get this grass roots started.
Face book and like on your wall

Summer Snow
tells the heart wrenching and hope filled story of Susan Benson's death, and
how it forever changed her husband Dan, and three children's lives. Forced to
find a new "normal," the Bensons must now re-learn how to be a family
without the glue that held them together. The Bensons were always a family of
faith, but now that faith has been shaken and they are unsure where God fits
into this new reality. But just as God often answers prayer in unique and
unexpected ways, Susan provides comfort and words of wisdom when each person
needs it most, setting her family on a path of healing and hope.

Summer Snow stars David Chisum, Cameron Goodman, Garrett Backstrom, with
Brett Rice (Forrest Gump, Remember the Titans, Super 8, Country Strong,
and House) and introducing, Rachel Eggleston. Critics say
"This is a breakthrough performance from the entire cast!" "What
a refreshing change of pace! Summer Snow is truly a family film."
"Rachel Eggleston's heartwarming portrayal of Hallie…shines and leaves you

Release Date: October 1, 2012 limited release. Distributed through American
Family Studios, and in conjunction with Voice of the Martyrs.


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