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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book of Romans - Chapter 1 - Verses 1 - 16

I hope you have met Paul - the writer of the Book (or shall we say Letter?) of Romans!

If you want -- open up the Book of Romans in .   Let's read the opening verses together.

What did you learn about Paul from verses one?   Paul, a once powerful leader as both a Jew and a Roman citizen, considers himself a SERVANT.

WHY? - Paul went through a life-changing experience.  He met Jesus on the road.  Have you "met Jesus on the road" ?  When we truly commit our lives to Christ, He will equip us to do GREAT things, especially when we SERVE others!   I pray we all proudly say we are servants of Christ.

Who was Paul writing to?  -- The Christians in Rome. Paul made it clear he had a message for the Gentiles (In Bible times, anyone who was not a Jew was considered a Gentile)

How did he feel about them?  -- Paul  thanked God for them.  He prayed for them.  He longed to see them.

The opening of Paul's letter is a great example of communication.  You can just see the group of believers drawing closer as this letter is being read out loud.  They liked to hear his words of encouragement.

Paul greets his readers with love.  (verses 7 - 14)  Do we communicate that way?

Paul was a great teacher.  He knew he had some tough stuff to say to the Romans -- but he also knew they needed to know he cared.

You will often see Paul begin his letters with wonderful greetings of love.  We can learn from this!

Paul starts right out in verses 2 - 6 with the Gospel message.  It can basically be summed up in verse 6:

"And you also are among the Gentiles who are called to belong to Jesus Christ." 

Guess what?  This is a great message for ALL of us.

We are called to belong to Jesus Christ!  
Have you answered the call? 

Next:  Read Verses 16 - 32 -- Paul will get to the tough stuff -- We need to, also. 

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