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Monday, April 18, 2011

Family Matters: Tearing Down Walls

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Building Relationships...Not Walls

There are many ways we build walls in our families. Here’s a list and some thoughts on tearing down walls. If you want to learn more about tearing down walls, come to Faith April 27!

A wall is anything in our relationships that prevent us from connecting and enjoying each other. A wall can destroy interaction between parent and child.

God offers the ultimate means of tearing down walls.

The wall of “busy”ness.

“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm

As families, many of us are overbooked and overscheduled. Society pressures parents to sign their children up for everything, from gymnastics to soccer, t-ball to

Counselor Gayla Fields says that children need “down time,” as do parents. She recommends limiting the number of activities.

“If you find yourself running every night of the week, you are involved in too much.” She noted children need routine and a healthy dinner and bedtime.

If we are too busy, we do not talk. We miss opportunities to sit together, eat dinner together or have a family game night. Don’t build a wall of busyness in your life.

The wall of unforgiveness.

"How many times should I forgive, as many as seven?"  Jesus answered, " Seventy times seven."

Unforgiveness is common in marriages when one person hurts the other and forgiveness never comes. Soon a wall of unforgiveness and resentment is built between husband and wife.

The hurt party may not admit it, but they hold a silent grudge against their mate. It surfaces at different points and true one-ness as a couple cannot happen.

Forgiveness is a choice.  If Jesus chose to forgive us while hanging on the cross, we cannot withhold forgiveness of others.

The wall of disrespect.

We live in a time where respect is seldom displayed. Watch any television program and you will hear snide, sarcastic communication happening between husbands and wives and children and their parents. Respect is hard to find these days.

Respect is a choice. Bad habits of disrespectful communication can be broken when we decide to make an effort to speak with a positive tone and message.

Praise your mate and children. Point out their good qualities and decisions. Don’t nag and don’t always point out their mistakes.

Be careful not to let teasing control your communication. What may be harmless jokes to one person, may be devastating degradation to another. Know your mate and your children. Don’t hurt them with teasing.

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