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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saved by the Hug

Aleaha into the church.   Her "Buster-Brown" haircut bounced with each footfall,  bobbing  up and down in shimmering rhythm.

Her eyes sparkled.  When she saw me, they lit up with recognition.  Aleaha doesn't know me well,  but her round toddler face tells me she knows me well enough.  She hugged my knees.  I melted.

Some might say Aleaha is imperfect.  The Down Syndrome label is a heavy load for a three year old to carry.  Aleaha doesn't care about labels, however.

Aleaha is busy and bound for perfect places.    Her smile, her eyes, and  her cherub grin are perfectly suited.

We met in the nursery during worship service.  She and I settled in with the puzzles below the speaker which allowed me to listen to the service.

Pastor was praying.  I thought I'd follow suit by clasping my hands and bowing my head. My heart is pretty tender these days, however. It didn't take long for a tiny tear to splash haphazardly on my cheek.

I felt her little hand first - sweetly brushing my arm.  I opened my eyes to see her gazing up at me with all the perfect understanding of a saint.  She said nothing, but hugged my arm with her tiny grasp.  Her eyes were full of wisdom and she smiled at me with a special tenderness.

I was saved by the hug of this perfect angel. God knew what I needed.

As always, His plan is perfect and so is Aleaha.

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