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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Are you ready to guide your child to understand the REAL meaning of Christmas? In upcoming weeks, we will share a few tips to teach your family how to truly celebrate Jesus birth.


1. Advent Wreath: Light an Advent candle every Sunday before Christmas.

Get four purple and one white ten inch taper candles. Place the candles equally distant in a circle on the table. Decorate the holder base with evergreen or foilage which creates an Advent Wreath.

2. What does the Advent Wreath mean?

--The circle shape of the wreath represents God's eternal love.

3. The first candle is the prophecy candle. Isaiah 7:14

4. The second candle is the Bethlehem candle . Luke 2:1-7

5. The third candle is the shepherd candle. Luke 2:8-19

6. The fourth candle is the angel candle. Luke 2:13,14

7. The fifth candle is the white Jesus Candle John 3:16 Luke 2:6-7

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