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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Fun!

Object Lessons

Here's a way to teach simple Bible concepts to your child this summer: OBJECT LESSONS.

Simple everyday objects can illustrate BIG concepts for children. The best part is: They are EASY to do.

Here is an example:

A sponge, water and a potted plant can show how you can “soak up” God’s love!

Tell your child: “God loves you so much!” The sign language for “love” is a big hug to yourself – Tell your child to give himself a big hug.

“Never forget how much God loves you.” God’s love is like this cool, refreshing water.

We want to be like this sponge and soak it all up! Let the sponge soak up the water. Move it over the plant to wring it out.

"THEN we can use that love to shower other people. Look how the water helps this plant!"

Look for more objects to illustrate God’s love – How about a blanket you wrap around you?

Think of other things you can use to illustrate the reality of the Bible Verses, like MMs, Lifesavers, Watering cans, mousetraps…. This can be great summer fun!

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