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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

National Day of Prayer - Time for Thanks


Happy and Blessed National Day of Prayer! 

   There’s a fox on the card.  He’s holding a sign:  “Thanks a LOT!” he says. 
   I opened it up.  Surprise.  I hadn’t talked to Deb in a while.  She was just checking in with me.  – She said she wanted to say thanks for me….well…being me.  That’s really not too hard. 
   She included a little blue paper:  “Blessings” was the heading.  Then she listed one to ten with blank slots.  Here was my assignment.  -Time to start thinking.
   Thursday is the National Day of Prayer.  It’s time to do some communicating.  – How about sending some thanks to a God who has blessed us beyond belief? 
   “Wait a minute,” you might say.  “Where are my blessings?” 
     This past year brought cancer to my door.  My dad died.  Three surgeries carried my family into 2015.  Oh, my…I still have blessings.  I want to pray.  I need to pray.   
    Prayer is really like my “Thank You” note from Deb.  I need to check in with God.   I need to say thanks for God being...well...God. 
   I’m picking up my blue paper and talking to God today on this National Day of Prayer.  –Care to join me?
   Thank you, God, for
1.       The glorious place in which I live.  Home, village, country
2.        Time with my husband.
3.        A trip to get Taylor from college
4.       My church family and glorious way they rally around God and His projects
5.       Fresh garden soil. Fresh garden flowers.
6.       Kids Community Bible Study and children I love.
7.       The East St. Louis Christian Activity Center and children I love
8.       Three daughters, two sons, and lots of friends I meet along the way.
9.       God who gives me strength and focus and hope.
10.   Foundation to stand on … hope for tomorrow.


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