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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Up Front For Easter

McDonalds think they have it figured out.  
I pulled up to the drive-thru today. A cheery voice practically shouted at me with enthusiasm:  
“Welcome to McDonalds!” the metallic voice chirped. “Buy a fillet extra value meal and get a second fillet for a dollar!”   

The voice continued talking before I could reply:   “What can I make for you today?”    T he enthusiastic voice audibly clicked and went silent.  
A new, slightly weary voice came on the line.    
“What would you like?”  the beleaguered voice said.  The young man was trying to sound cheerful, but I could tell it had been a long, hectic shift.  

I gave my order and started thinking.  I often live my life like the recorded voice in the McDonalds drive-thru.   
On the outside, I may be perky and enthusiastic, but my insides are a little weary.  Life has been a long, hard shift and I’ve forgotten who to run to for peace.   
Enter: Jesus and the promise of Easter. 

Jesus is the essence of God's love come to earth for weary souls.  He knows our true identity and loves us long after the recording winds down.   
Sometimes I think we’re all broken people trying to pretend we're not broken.  We turn on the recording and sound perky. We mask our insecurity with laughter, loud talk or even quiet self-confidence.

Truth be told, when we face real life issues, like pain and sorrow and disappointment and death, we need  help to fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts.   
Enter: Jesus and the promise of Easter  
Some people try to fill this hole with temporary things: Money, jobs, relationships, kids, food, drink and, yup, even good works.  

Others try to fill the hole with militancy. They scream “Show me your approval" and  "Make me feel good about myself or I’ll sue you!” The problem is, they still feel empty and they don’t know why.   
Enter Jesus and the promise of Easter.     

Some people try to fill the hole in their hearts with a victim mentality. They fill up with self pity and stagnate, waiting for someone to give them what they think they deserve..    
Enter: Jesus and the promise of Easter.  

When we give Jesus our lives...He fills our holes.  He fixes the broken.  He gives self-worth to the insecure and victory to the victims.
It's as simple as choosing to believe in Jesus and the promise of Easter.
McDonalds may think they have it figured out --  provide a perky recording to mask the human frailty of its workers.
God had a better idea:  Provide a Savior to bring frail humans back into the presence of His empowering love.  
I think I'll let Jesus fill my hollow places.  No recordings necessary. It only takes a moment...a let Him in. 

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