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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Faith Baptist Church Freeburg

You know, I'm pretty proud of my little church in Freeburg, Illinois.  

I always call us "small but mightily driven by the Lord" !  Below is an article I wrote about Faith on Fathers Day.  

There are many Sundays I am moved to tears in worship service.  This was one day.

One of the most positive things you can do for your family is to take them to worship God. If you're around Freeburg, IL, some Sunday at 10:15 a.m. , come on in.  We meet in the historic school building on the corner of Alton and High Streets.  I provided the link to our website:  or look us up on Facebook: Faith Baptist Church Freeburg.  

Fathers Day Thanks 
    I guess I'm just a sap.  My eyes easily cloud with tears. 
    Father’s Day got me going.  They all gathered in the front of Faith‘s sanctuary.  Every man came forward -  fathers, sons, fatherless sons.   Old men and young men stood in a circle in front of God and the rest of us.
   "Let’s pray," Pastor Dennis said.  Great men and little boys huddled close in prayer.  They prayed for guidance. They prayed for strength.  It was inspiring.  Thanks, dads,  for  prayers.
    Richard plays the violin in church.  His little boy, Jacob,  sat next to him today. 
   I noticed Jacob from the corner of my eye.  His short legs were stretched straight out before him.  He held two sticks.  He rested one stick on his shoulder.   
    Jacob watched his daddy.   He took his other stick and drew it, like a violin bow,  back and forth, back and forth across the stick on his shoulder. 
    Jacob was playing the violin…just like his daddy.   Thanks, dad,  for setting an example.
     Lt Colonel Chris Lanier held his sons’ hands in our prayer circle at the National Day of Prayer.  He held fast to his boys. He prayed  out loud for them with fervent dedication.  Thanks, dad, for demonstrating your faith.
           I guess I’m just a sap.  My eyes easily cloud with tears, especially when I see dedicated fathers.     
       Today is a good day to honor those fathers.   Thanks, dads…for everything.

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