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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marriage Prayer

There are a lot of yellowed papers hanging from the bulletin board by my computer in the basement. They’re thirty years old, most of them.

One caught my eye today. It was tacked up by a 25 year old (I barely remember her). I had clipped it from my church bulletin. It's called the Marriage Prayer.

“Submitted by Dorothy Boron” the credits said. Dorothy Boron! I remember that name from Sunday School days. Dorothy and her husband, Stan, taught my class. I can see them so clearly in my mind, a husband and wife team, so rare today.

Stan had horn-rimmed glasses and a hint of mischief in his voice. Dorothy was always sweet and wore a pill-box hat. They were both short. I can still see them seated side by side at church.

They grew old together in my church. Sunday after Sunday I would see them there. I remember watching them become old, then fragile.  Then it seemed one day, one day they disappeared.

Their prayer is still here, however,  forever tacked to my bulletin board. It will always remind me of the couple who taught me about life and love.

Marriage Prayer

God be in our marriage,
And so abide with us,
That we may dwell together
In harmony and trust.

God be in our marriage
And in our Dreams and Plans.
That we may build together,
A Christian Home that stands.

God be in our marriage,
As our lives blend together,
That all may hear our song,
This marriage is forever.

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