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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bigger than the Sky

I write for the local paper -- will try to post my articles from time to time!

Somehow, it was easier to show love when my kids were little. They still liked to be hugged.

I could even give them a kiss on the cheek. They did not wince in pain. They might even kiss me back.

I liked bedtime. The children always wanted to talk and snuggle (I knew these were ploys to stay up late, but, hey, moms take what they can get.)

“Do you know how much I love you?”

That was one of my bedtime questions.

My little ones would squirm and flop onto their stomachs. They’d settle their chins on little palms and grin at me, eyes twinkling. They knew the answer, but wanted me to say it.

“I love you bigger than this whole house.”

I could tell they were picturing our two-story home. In their eyes, the house was huge and my love was bigger .

“How much does God love you?” The second question was the most important.

“BIGGER than the SKY!” They always shouted this answer because they were sure of it. God would always love them more than mom ever could.

That was the most important lesson I could teach my children. Even if mom was gone, God's love would be there.

God’s love is bigger than the whole sky.

Human love can be a precarious concept. The word itself is bantered about without much regard to meaning any more. God’s love, however, defies all boundaries and zooms out beyond the universe.

Where human love falls short, God’s love remains constant.

Before I begin my series on Love next month, I want to establish where true love can be found: resting in the arms of God.

You see, His love is bigger than the sky.

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