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Monday, August 8, 2011

Proverbs 30

Have you ever heard something - on the radio - in a sermon - in a conversation that you thought you'd better write down?

Proverbs 30  is just that - someone's wise comments we may just want to copy down!

The chapter begins with a confession -- BOY -- could I relate to this! Here's my version:

I'm tired God, but with you, I'll make it. 
I can't say I'm doing all this right, tho, God.
I keep forgetting what you told me.
I wish I could fly right up there and talk to you about this,
but my best bet is to read your Word.
It's flawless, God!  Thanks for that. 
Help me to remember not to add to your Word with my own emotions and perceptions.
And, God, if you don't mind, I have a few favors to ask of you:
Keep me away from lies, God.
Help me survive - but that doesn't mean having too much. 
I don't want to focus on wealth.

The last verses focus on observations which are quite true and interesting.  

Basically, it seems like the speaker is pointing out the following (of course - this is just MY interpretation)

1.  Honor your father and mother (or be subject to "ravens"!)
2.  Some will never be satisfied.  Keep that in mind..
3.  People who sin (The adulterous woman AND me) try to justify sinning with excuses
4.  Consider the industrious ant -- and learn about work.
5.  Watch out for pride and self-promotion -- It's better we keep our mouths shut than to be arrogant or plan evil.  Both things tend to lead to downfall. Both create strife.

See you tomorrow in  Proverbs 31!

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