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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Happy Ending of RUTH!

Hooray hooray -- Boaz saves the day!  Ruth Chapter 4 tells us that Boaz is able to announce at the public gate that HE will redeem Ruth by marrying her.

This is the happy ending we have been waiting for, and Boaz has to do this right. 
First, he checks with the first kinsman redeemer to see if it's OK to marry Ruth.  (Ruth 4: 1-6)

NEXT, Boaz goes to the GATE (place for official business) to talk to the elders about this.  (Ruth 4:1-12)

FINALLY, he announces in front of EVERYONE that Ruth is REDEEMED (Ruth 4:9,10)

(Redemption: process by which owner pays servant’s debt)

This is a Happy Ending for Ruth AND Naomi (Ruth 4: 13 - 17)

Ruth and Boaz are married and, what do you know??? A Baby Boy is born: Obed (Ruth 4: 17)

Guess what?  Obed is the grandfather of King David, a direct Ancestor of Jesus!  RUTH is in Jesus' lineage - read Matt 1:1 !

Naomi is also rewarded for her part in God’s PLAN, even though she played a supporting role. Do you play a supporting role in God's big plan?  YOU, too, will be rewarded!

Bottom line on the Book of Ruth??? You never know how God will work things out (Romans 8:28).

No matter who you are, YOU should :



Sleep at the feet of the MASTER!

              Key Verse: Ruth 1:16 -17

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