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Monday, February 7, 2011

Purpose Driven Life - Day 6 - Hang In There

This is just temporary.

I was sad and worried. One child struggled and, I, of course, took this upon myself.

This is just temporary.

That statement washed over me and gave me hope. How could I forget about the stages in life!

Everything moves on. Kids grow up. Sadness subsides. This is just temporary.

The sixth chapter of The Purpose Drive Life tells us that life is temporary. Momentary struggles will fade away in the light of heaven.

This is encouraging to me. This too shall pass and God has something better.

Warren writes:

The fact that earth is not our ultimate home explains why, as followers of Jesus, we experience difficulty, sorrow, and rejection in this world.

It also explains why some of God's promises seem unfulfilled, some prayers seem unanswered and some circumstances seem unfair. This is not the end of the story.

Maybe you are going through some tough times right now. Perhaps it seems tough times are forever!

Hang in there. When you trust in Jesus, something better is coming and we have NOOOOOO idea how great it will be!

This temporary tragedy is not where we park our life! So let's pray!!!

God - I don't understand all the things that happen around me. Sometimes, it seems like too much. Help me trust you. Help me fall into your arms Jesus. I trust you to lift me up...dust me off... and turn my eyes to yours. There I will find love, peace and hope in the understanding: This is just temporary.

I'm tramping on through the snow to Day 7. See you there!

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