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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Purpose Driven Life -- Day 12

You are as close to God as you choose to be..

There's an interesting concept.

To be God's friend, we make a choice, as we have mentioned in other blogs. This takes time and effort on your part.

God wants you to communicate with him . This can come in the form of praying, listening, reading His Word and thinking aboutwhat He is saying through it.

When you pray and communicate with God, He wants you to be honest with Him.

God does not expect you to be perfect. He expects you to be honest.

You have to share your true feelings, not just what you think He wants to hear.

God can take your rotten stuff along with the good . Don't you realize He knows everything already? You will not surpriseGod. He created you and He knows what you're about.

What will delight Him is if you are transparent with Him. That takes practice.

So, don't just put on your "church self" when you communicate with God. Be honest. You and God will find it refreshing.

God wamts you to obey and act.

My favorite part of this is the concept thatwe are often called to do small things for God out of loving obedience. Our acts do not always have to be big.

Small things that go unnoticed by others are often the most significant actions to God.

This can make the mundane miraculous -- good stuff!

God wants us to value what he values.

Hmmmm - what does God value ?

God values relationships over religion.So -stop pushing activity over empathy. God wants us to relate to others and help others relate to Him.

Nothing is more important than a friendship with God. If you don't haveone -- don't be surprised if God puts you somewhere you will feel some pain and seek Him.

If you do have a relationship, God may draw you even closer in a painful place.

Be aware of God's presence, even in the hard spots. That's where He does His best work..

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