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Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 9 – The Smile of God is the Goal of Your Life

I’m crammed in an airport terminal, squatting next to an electrical outlet. I’m watching people go by. They are talking to the air (there’s a phone tucked somewhere)

I’m trying to figure out how to make God smile right here.

The Purpose Driven Life says God smiles when we trust Him completely.

OK – This is a big trip. Less anxiety – more rest in Him. Who cares if I’m sitting on the floor? Smile at the people who are eyeing me curiously!

The Purpose Driven Life says God smiles when we praise Him and thank Him continually.

I want to give thanks in my circumstances. Thanks for this trip. Thanks for this electrical outlet and thanks for the people that crowd around.

They’re your people God. Goodness, you’ve made a variety! I thank you for them. Maybe I will pray for them from my obscure outlet.

God smiles when we use our abilities.

Hmmm – not sure what ability I’m using in this floor squat. Wait a minute, I’m writing.

May my writing glorify God. How about you?

May my nose wiping glorify God (that is part of a BIG mission of parenting!)

May my clothes washing glorify God.

May my number crunching glorify God.

May my listening glorify God.

May my _____________________(fill in the blank) glorify God!

The Lord is pleased with those who worship him and trust His love.” – Psalm 147:11

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