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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 8 - Do You Make God Smile?

Do you know you made God smile when you were born?

He did not need to create you, but He chose to create you for his benefit, his glory, his purpose, his DELIGHT!

I love that last word! When I think of someone being delighted, I picture a sweet baby, laughing at the antics of a mommy or daddy.

That baby's eyes are filled with love, and...well....DELIGHT at seeing someone she loves trying to make her smile.

Do you make God smile?

God actually created you to experience pleasure, you know. He wants you to enjoy life, not just endure it.

It might be good to stop enduring and start enjoying.

In The Purpose Driven Life, Warren tells us that God laughs. I think He laughs at me A LOT!

"Lighten up,Laurie," I can hear God say, laughing and shaking His head at my melt downs :)

We make God smile (and sometimes, laugh) when we worship. Worship is more than music or any formal activity we host in church. Worship can be your life. That includes praise!

Praise should be the first activity when you open your eyes and the last activity when you close them at night.

"I will thank the Lord at all times. My mouth will always praise Him." -- Psalm 34:1

Sound tough? Try this: Do everything you do as if you were doing it for Jesus.

Radical, huh?!!!

Take all those ordinary things and make them an offering to the One you love and who loves you with all His heart.

Fall in love with Jesus and then act like you are in love. That will make God smile.

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